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React Redux createStore 適当訳

createStore(reducer, [initialState], [enhancer])

createStore | Redux

reducer (Function): A reducing function that returns the next state tree, given the current state tree and an action to handle.

reducer とは state を返す 関数で 現在のstate と 操作するための action を引数とするものである。

[initialState] (any): The initial state. You may optionally specify it to hydrate the state from the server in universal apps, or to restore a previously serialized user session. If you produced reducer with combineReducers, this must be a plain object with the same shape as the keys passed to it. Otherwise, you are free to pass anything that your reducer can understand.


[enhancer] (Function): The store enhancer. You may optionally specify it to enhance the store with third-party capabilities such as middleware, time travel, persistence, etc. The only store enhancer that ships with Redux is applyMiddleware().

store 増強剤(?)


Store | Redux

アプリケーション全体の store tree を保持する。
storeを作成するためには createStore に root reducing function を渡す。

入門 React ―コンポーネントベースのWebフロントエンド開発

入門 React ―コンポーネントベースのWebフロントエンド開発